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Message 11194 - Posted: 20 Jul 2009 | 0:30:50 UTC

First I'll say Hi cos I'm new at this.

I've folded before, still do, but have brought a couple of 260's questions are these:

If I get a problem with a wu do I need to report it?

Is there a list of common causes for errors that I can get up to speed with

I ask because I had some of these:

- exit code 98 (0x62)
ERROR:, line 572: Invalid device selected
called boinc_finish


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Message 11786 - Posted: 10 Aug 2009 | 20:14:55 UTC


sorry for the late response. Not sure what to say, though, without making us look totally unprofessional and disorganized ;)

Generally I'd say the errors (mostly driver related) change so quickly that noone took the time to write it all down and keep it up to date. If there's a hot topic it's likely being discussed in the recent threads. For example the current problems with 190.38, which are really troublesome.

If you find something unusual it's probably worth reporting. However, determining the reason for the error is often quite hard, as many programs act together and the hardware is stressed quite a bit. The message you posted is interesting due to the "Invalid device selected". Could you still give a link to such a result?

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