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Message 20028 - Posted: 25 Dec 2010 | 8:00:17 UTC

I have just installed a GTS 450.

It came with a 259.22 driver; CUDA 3.1, and compute capability 2.1.

Is there anything else I need to do in order to finish switching from a 9800 GT to a GTS 450, and start getting GPUGRID workunits for it?

You might want to have a thread on the details of switching from a non-Fermi GPU to a Fermi GPU.

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Message 20029 - Posted: 25 Dec 2010 | 10:19:50 UTC - in response to Message 20028.

Hi Robert,
Looks like you have it working already.
To change from a previous generation card to a Fermi it is usually just a matter of changing cards and installing the driver.
This is the same routine as moving from a 9800GT to a GTX275.
If you have any trouble with the 259.22 driver (lots of task failures) upgrade to the 260.99 driver.

I usually suggest keeping an eye on the temperature (GPUZ) and if it is over 70deg C using fan regulating software such as EVGA Precision to reduce the temperature.

Good Luck,

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