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Message 21666 - Posted: 10 Jul 2011 | 14:11:23 UTC
Last modified: 17 Oct 2011 | 21:48:49 UTC

There are two applications which can be selected in your project preferences, acemd2 and acemd_long. By default both are selected. The acemd2 workunits are normal workunits to complete in few hours on the most common cards of the time (up to 3 times slower than top cards). The acemd_long workunits are several times longer and should complete in maximum 12 hours on the top cards.

The credits are returned by the workunit using an estimate of the amount of flops based on number of atoms and number of iterations. Variation of 10-20% between workunits which take the same time to complete are probably normal and can depend on many factors. Some as simple as the FFT uses multiple of 2 for one workunits and not for another one. acemd_long doubles this estimate to compensate for the burden of having your machine computing for as much as 12 hours on a top card and the additional risk of losing the credits to due to a crash.

The server deadline is 5 days. The server assigns 50% more credits if you return within 24 hours and 25% more credits within 48 hours.
Hope it helps. We should probably put this somewhere more visible.


- removed, "After 3 days the server reissue a workunit to make sure it is computed as fast as possible, although if the first one comes in, it cancels the new one immediately if it is not being computed already."

Message boards : Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) : FAQ - APPLICATIONS, CREDITS and DEADLINES