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Message 24199 - Posted: 31 Mar 2012 | 17:50:05 UTC

Around April or May it's expected that a couple of additional Kepler cards will appear for the desktop market, both GK106 based. The speculation is that these will have 768 cuda cores, half that of the GTX680.

GTX 670 or GTX 660 Ti - £320
GTX 660 - £240

I was expecting a trimmed Kepler with 7/8th's of the cores a GTX680 has; a 1344 shader card in keeping with the GTX480/470 and GTX580/570 products. Relative to the GTX680 a price of £320 would seem about right for such a card and the initial prices of the GTX470 and 570 were ~£320. A card with half the cuda cores would make more sense at ~£240, or less!

A bit further down the road we are likely to see a GTX 650 and a GT 640 (supposedly GK107) with around 384 cuda cores. The low end market.

More design variations by manufacturers is inevitable. The 225W TDP (for 1 PCIE and two 6-pin power to GPU cables), is a long way from the reference 195W, so I would expect plenty of OC'ed model competition between Manufacturers. I would also suggest that a dual core version could be made with a TDP of ~295W. This would only require one 6-pin and one 8-pin power connector, rather than two 8-pin connectors (as with the GTX590). Two such GTX690's could therefore be used with many high end PSU's of reasonable price.

On the mobile front several GT 600M Kepler cards have already been released; all GK107 and all with 384cuda cores. While using mobile cards is not recommended it's likely these will meet present performance minimums here. The 28nm 384 core versions have TDP's in the region of 40 to 45W. I guess their performances might get close to that of a GTX 550 Ti.

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Message boards : Graphics cards (GPUs) : More Kepler cards on the horizon