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Message 25294 - Posted: 27 May 2012 | 17:08:39 UTC
Last modified: 7 Jun 2013 | 13:21:28 UTC

When you have a problem, first try searching for the answer using the Advanced Search engine, and looking at the FAQ's. If you don't find the answer post in the forum. Post in a related thread or ask for help by starting a new thread in the most appropriate forum area.

When asking for help include relevant information about your setup, and anything you think might be important such as observed changes.

If you are new to GPUGrid, can't find what you need in the FAQ's or forum and can't yet post in the forum, send a Personal Message to one of the Volunteer moderators.

List of useful things to consider Including

GPU type(s), quantity, clock rates (MSI Afterburner, EVGA Precision, GPUZ, Piriform Speccy)
CPU (and usage; how many cores/thread you crunch with for other projects)
RAM (amount you have and amount free)
HDD (type, capacity, free space)
Motherboard including PCIE slot ability (PCIE 3 or 2, x16, x8, x4)
PSU (if relevant)
Cooling (air, water), Open or closed case
Internet connection (usually only relevant if you are having connection problems, but has been an issue on some Linux editions - basic info such as wifi, USB mobile dongle, USB to router or Ethernet, if it's always connected)


Operating System, including 64bit (x64) or 32bit (x86)
Driver (version, clean install or update)
Boinc Version (include installation type; daemon/service)
Antivirus package or Firewall
Disk defrag programs (if used) or other greedy software


Are you overclocking?
Boinc Settings such as Computer preferences, especially cache (min and max work buffer), write to disk frequency (tasks checkpoint to disk at most every x seconds), use GPU while computer is in use...
Any bespoke cc_config, app_info or app_config settings.
The first page of Boinc's Event Log contains a lot of useful information.

Environment and usage:

System usage (browsing and email, or video editing and gaming...)
Room temperature, ambient system temperature, GPU, CPU, motherboard and HDD temperatures, fan speed, location of system (corner, in direct sunlight, or near open window/door).


Some background is usually helpful, especially what has changed. For example, you moved a GPU to a different slot/changed GPU/updated a driver, and tasks ran but now fail.


A link to the failed task/tasks, or slower tasks, and your system is also useful, but posting the Stderr output is more helpful for others (tasks get deleted from the server, so any link would only work for a week or two).
Keeping your system hidden is not useful, and you probably won't get much help!

- Opt out of Beta Tests
- Ask for Help

Message boards : Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) : HOW TO - Ask for Help