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Message 32816 - Posted: 6 Sep 2013 | 21:00:38 UTC
Last modified: 7 Sep 2013 | 10:39:29 UTC

Here is a list of compute errors codes for the 8xx series applications and their meanings. If you encounter a new one, or have a question or observation about the circumstances of an error, please PM me.

* 255 See -1

* 247 See -9

* 212 See -44

* 197 The WU took longer to much complete than the client was expecting and so it was terminated. Indicates a WU misconfiguration. If recurrent, try re-attaching to the project.

* 194 Unknown. ("finish file present too long")

* 193 Unknown. (Segfault on Linux)

* 159 See -97

* 98 See -9

* -1 Unknown

* -9 The GPU compute capability is not supported by the application; for example a pre cc 1.3 G80.

* -44 The computer's date is wrong.

*-55 Could not initialise CUDA for some reason

* -80 Failed to recover after an access violation (Win32)

* -97 "Simulation has become unstable". This indicates that the scientific simulation that the application performs has gone wrong. If this happens as soon as the WU starts, there may be a problem with the WU. If it happens frequently or after the WU has made some progress, a hardware problem is strongly indicated. Check GPU temperatures (now reported in stderr) and for the presence of other GPU-using programs (eg games).

* -185 Application doesn't start, "Access denied" error in the stderr. Check that the client has downloaded the application correctly - if unsure re-attach to the project. Could also be caused by antivirus preventing BOINC starting new processes.

* -226 "Too many exits" The app repeatedly exited without indicating BOINC that the WU was complete and was restarted, until a limit was reached. Cause unclear.

* -1073741515 (Windows only) The application failed to intialize properly. Indicates missing DLLs. Re-attach to the project, to force the application and its support DLLs to be re-downloaded. Ensure that VS2008 redistributables are installed

* -1073741819 (Windows only) Access violation (Segmentation fault). The application made an illegal memory access. These seem mostly to come from inside the Nvidia driver but root cause(s) unknown. If occurring repeatedly, reboot machine.


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Message boards : Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) : FAQ: What do the application error codes signify?