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Message 47661 - Posted: 23 Jul 2017 | 12:51:40 UTC

This i think is my first post on GPUgrid, but i have for many years admired the quality of the information in the forums esp the FAQ list. Apologies if i have posted this in the wrong forum, please feel free to put it in the right place.

My boinc GPU crunching has been mostly Linux / AMD based, (my GTX-460s are ready for retirement) so i occasionally pop over and look to see if there is any OpenCL work. My next GPU will be a nVidia probably.

Recently i helped out on a boinc client segfaulting (during gpu detection) issue BOINC forum - GPU detection failed. error code 139 and the cause of the problem was installing a cuda package (boinc-client-nvidia-cuda) from a repo when no cuda device existed but an AMD card was installed.

It stuck in my mind what could be done to prevent or detect this, so i came over here to the FAQs for ideas look at instructions, ideas etc how to ensure the correct packages are installed and incorrect packages not installed. I am certain the OP did not follow instructions from here but i was thinking as a noob, i have a GPU, trying linux, and found GPUgrid.

I noticed the VIP FAQ Recommended GPUs for GPUGrid crunching does not mention that AMD / Intel GPUs are not supported for GPUgrid, and most FAQs presume a nVidia is installed, although that is usually not stated.
Perhaps the subject for that FAQ be changed to include nVidia and a separate FAQ for Intel/AMD GPUs (or put the AMD/Intel into the not supported list)


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Message 47845 - Posted: 5 Sep 2017 | 1:42:20 UTC

GPUGrid runs only on NVIDIA GPUs.

No AMD nor Intel support (unfortunately).

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Message boards : Server and website : FAQ suggestion about supported GPUs (AMD and Intel)