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Scientific publications
Message 47744 - Posted: 5 Aug 2017 | 10:14:06 UTC

Hi guys,

For the first time I have a publication in my list of contribution.
But, even if I contribute (my graphic card in fact) I can't read it, I have to buy it.
Can it be possible to have a free access to a publication for which we had participate and some way already payed ?? (electricity, hardware)


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Scientific publications
Message 48079 - Posted: 31 Oct 2017 | 19:08:16 UTC - in response to Message 47744.

The state of affairs in scientific publishing is indeed questionable... Some of our publications are here though.

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Scientific publications
Message 51480 - Posted: 13 Feb 2019 | 14:11:30 UTC

I am a bit curious to find out why I received only 2 publication badges although I am going to cross the 500 million credits barrier this week.^^

Both of my badges date back to paper submissions in October 2016 and May 2017 but I continuously contributed to GPUGRID even with increasing throughput since then - still I am not even amongst those having contributed to the 2018 Martinez-Rosell paper (submitted in October 2017 already), although statistically speaking this appears to make rather little sense if I compare the computational efforts of my machines to those who successfully got the badge - especially at the lower end of contribution throughput.

Is there something wrong or am I just extremely unlucky? ;-)


P.S.: Please take this as anything but criticism. ;-) In fact, GPUGRID is one of the few DC projects where contributers can really find out about their machine's scientific contributions...
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Message boards : Wish list : Contribution to scientific publications