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Message boards : Number crunching : task limits not getting CPU work

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Message 49711 - Posted: 24 Jun 2018 | 13:38:18 UTC

I have 2 GPU tasks for one GPU, but I am not getting any CPU tasks due to limit on tasks in progress. Is there some preference I need to change to keep both GPU and CPU working?

System is 5820k with a 1070, but I doubt that's relevant to this question.

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Message 49712 - Posted: 24 Jun 2018 | 14:40:35 UTC
Last modified: 24 Jun 2018 | 15:15:21 UTC

I am getting CPU tasks on one Linux laptop with no graphic board. If I get both CPU and GPU tasks on a Linux SUN WS with a GTX 750 Ti graphic board, the CPU tasks all fail while running alongside a GPU task. The CPU tasks use two cores, this probably hurts them since the Opteron 1210 CPU has only two cores.
CPU tasks are only for Linux, I remember now.
A CPU task is waiting for memory alongside a GPU task. But this is using only 4% of the total 8 GB.

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Message 49714 - Posted: 25 Jun 2018 | 0:15:41 UTC

Separate BOINC clients for GPU work and CPU work.

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Message boards : Number crunching : task limits not getting CPU work