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Message 59561 - Posted: 26 Oct 2022 | 20:15:17 UTC

This page, titled "Overclock Gently", remains empty for me.

Did it ever work for somebody else?

In the description, "WU completed" and "batches with more than 50 completed units" are mentioned. I understand what a WU is, but what is a batch and what is a unit?

Keith Myers
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Message 59562 - Posted: 26 Oct 2022 | 23:04:19 UTC - in response to Message 59561.

This was a page that showed the results from the old work from a couple of years ago with the acemd3 applications.

That work has not been seen in over a year now.

The page used to work fine. The admins should remove it to prevent further confusion.

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Message boards : Server and website : "Performance" Page empty