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Message boards : Graphics cards (GPUs) : GPUGRID not detaching from GPU

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Message 6182 - Posted: 29 Jan 2009 | 17:24:16 UTC

I am running GPUGRID with BOINC 6.4.5 and a XFX GeForce 9600GT. I have BOINC set to run after no activity on PC for 15 minutes and stop when the PC becomes active again.

However, whenever I return to my desktop, BOINC apps detach from CPU but GPUGRID refuses to detach from GPU. Because of this, desktop applications are very slow and choppy and I cannot run any games. I actually have to end the GPUGRID process to get the GPU control back (simply closing BOINC does not do the trick - GPUGRID continues to run).

Is there a fix available to make GPUGRID detach from the GPU whenever the PC becomes active?

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Message 6190 - Posted: 29 Jan 2009 | 17:55:54 UTC - in response to Message 6182.
Last modified: 29 Jan 2009 | 17:56:08 UTC

Such an issue was posted before and I think the thread got a bit mixed up. I tried to reproduce the issue with 6.5.0 but found perfectly normal behaviour.. so I suggest you try this one.

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Message boards : Graphics cards (GPUs) : GPUGRID not detaching from GPU