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Message 384 - Posted: 14 Oct 2007 | 12:43:18 UTC
Last modified: 14 Oct 2007 | 12:44:49 UTC

What to do when your credits for PS3GRID do not merge with the credits for your other projects on stat sites like BOINCstats.

The trick about CPID\'s is that hosts share these from project to project, so If Your PS3 is only attached to PS3GRID the CPID will not synchronize. When you create an account you are assigned a CPID by the project. When you attach to a project the CPID is transfered to the host. When you attach to a second project, then either this CPID gets sent to that project or the host changes and uses the CPID already on that project. Eventually this filters through all projects attached and all your hosts. It works faster if you have one hosts attached to all projects.

So either

  • A - attach PS3 to another project and get messages no work for platform.
  • B - attach another host to PS3GRID and get messages no work for platform.
  • C - Edit the client_state.xml file (if you know what you are doing)

See more notes below on each of these options.

We users discussed this in this thread Cross-project ID.

I attached my PS3 to the project I store my general preferences at to see if it synchronizes. Once it did I will suspended that project on the PS3. But I will have to watch as the CPID can change from time to time and they may get out of sync again, I think this is only if you change your email address and/or user name). This can take 24 hours or more and for it to filter back to The stat sites when they retrieve the XML stat files.

If you attach to a second project on the PS3, the project with the latest time-stamp on general preferences is going to overwrite the preferences of the other project, meaning your prefs from another project can overwrite the ones here at PS3GRID or the ones here at PS3GRID can overwrite your others. Make sure this will not affect the way your PS3 and other computers run. Best thing to do is edit the preferences on the project you normally use just before trying this so it has the latest time stamp. You only need to edit preferences on one project, they will filter back to other projects and then to your other hosts as the hosts make contact with each server.

How to edit client_state.xml found in the directory where boinc runs.

  • shut down all running boinc programs like boinc_manager and core_client or service.
  • make a backup copy just in case.
  • edit file client_state.xml
  • look for line like: <cross_project_id>ed2007abc12345de67af6ee8b3c906ad</cross_project_id>
    replace the 32 digit code with your CPID.
    You can find this under your listing on boincstats or under your account setting on any project.
    Check two or three other projects and you will see they are the same ID but the ID under your account at PS3GRID will be different, which is what you are going to change.
  • save and exit
  • restart boinc and this should solve the problem.

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Message boards : Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) : FAQ - Stats not merging - CPID - Cross Project ID