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Message 10041 - Posted: 21 May 2009 | 16:24:32 UTC
Last modified: 21 May 2009 | 16:29:48 UTC

This may not matter in the totality of the WUs out there, however ...

My main PC has a hassle ongoing, and its the one that has my 9800GTX+ on board. I will not get it back online until tomorrow afternoon UTC. The current WU ( the only one on my list still to be done)then needs to complete. It had only done around 4 hours worth before the beast went bang - or more precisely Office Ultimate (long story ! ).

I will get the WU back to the Project by Saturday morning UTC, meanwhile it was issued as "1 replication", and the implied dependency on return in 24hrs is not going to happen. If its going to hold up things on the WU chain, reissue it to another host, else you will not see it until Saturday morning.

If the resolution of the PC issue back here takes longer, it will not be returned until Tuesday Morning, which may well be after the overall 5 day deadline, let alone a 24hr expectation.


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Message boards : Number crunching : Re Issue WU