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Message 22258 - Posted: 12 Oct 2011 | 17:05:49 UTC


Are the Workunit descriptions on the Websites actual?

Because i only find something about HIV. But MJHARVEY, NATHAN, IBUCH and so on i dont find in the "Science" Area. Or do i read the Workunitnames wrong in any way?
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Message 22264 - Posted: 13 Oct 2011 | 10:55:53 UTC - in response to Message 22258.
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If you are referring to the descriptions in the Science area then the task types listed there link to research that has completed. With the exception of *EGF* this research has already been published.

While some task types speak for themselves (HIV), and some present research continues on from previous research performed here, some tasks we are now running are for different research projects. Hopefully all will end up in publications, PhD's and write-ups. Some areas of research associated with present task types has been mentioned in the News area. It's fair to say that if you go by the research scientists name (often included in the task names) then these tasks are mostly related to the same areas of research these authors are already published in.

So for example,
This task belongs to Ignasi Buch (the researcher) and the research area is EGFR. *EGFR* tasks were announced in the news thread as being cancer (CRC) research. This research will lead to a better understanding of a known drugs molecular interactions with its target, and treatment strategies, and should lead to improved drug designs. Excellent research that could well make a difference to many people.

Hopefully planned site incarnations will elucidate detail of ongoing research; perhaps in the form of a simple table explaining the task types and the research fields.

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