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Message 23252 - Posted: 4 Feb 2012 | 18:50:50 UTC

After a long time I got back to this proyect. While I wait my new hardware to come, I got all my old hardware on a corner, but it back together and restart my crunching computer.

I got this error after 23,702.33 sec
# There are 3 devices supporting CUDA
# Device 0: "GeForce GTX 260"
# Device 1: "GeForce 9800 GT"
# Device 2: "GeForce GT 220"
ERROR: cufftExecC2C (gridcalc2.1)
called boinc_finish

Then, I read some post and I found, "Restricting use to some GPUs only". I didn't know this could be done.

This is an example. My proposal is that I think I would be quite easy to make an automatic SQL to the database and email people to inform of these kind of things to users ("common errors to help unexperienced users"). I'm sure many people don't even know that this can be done. I know there's plenty of post advicing about not to use this hardware. But not everyone has the time to go throught all the post.

Another thing, that I understand is much difficult to make (should be done on the BOINC planner) is to be able to restrict this for a specific proyect, becouse I have another proyect attached and it's a pitty that while GTX260 could be used to GPUGRID, the others could be used to other proyects.

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Message boards : Wish list : Automatic info mail to help unexperienced users