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Message 2497 - Posted: 20 Sep 2008 | 16:17:08 UTC

I know the results view is stock boinc, but with the new application each result must be drilled down to see the end results, elapsed time and time per step.

It would be nice if these somehow could be included on the main results page along with version number, as with all the testing when version change its hard to know which results were from prior versions.

I know this would take a custom rewrite of some code and custom fields added to the database for this, but I think it would greatly help users to know more quickly performance and to spot errors or inconsistentcies.

Current fields shown from

Task ID
Work unit ID
Time reported or deadline
Server state
Client state
CPU time (sec)
claimed credit
granted credit

Suggested Add
elapsed time
time per step
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Message boards : Wish list : Improved view on results list.