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[CSF] Thomas H.V. DUPONT
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Message 38065 - Posted: 25 Sep 2014 | 7:04:27 UTC

From Willy,1#132803

One of the webservers is broken and is currently undergoing repairs. During the repair BOINCstats may be (much) slower than usual and data may not be up-to-date.

It looks like a broken sas raid controller. Have to take the server with me for repairs.So, until it's repaired BOINCstats is running on one webserver which will make things slow.

The daily update was completed without errors but it's not on the webserver. This will fix itself.

To clarify what happened:

webserver3 went down (just locked up, nothing broken). webserver4 was working properly.
the PDU (to remote reboot a server) was unreachable so I could not reboot webserver3.
I drove to the data-center to reboot webserver3 and to see what was wrong with the PDU. The PDU was in an error state and needed a hard reboot which means power down on all servers
I powered down all servers, rebooted the PDU which worked properly after that. webserver3 booted just fine.
webserver4 did not boot. It only showed a blinking cursor on screen and it beeped continuously. This turned out to be the RAID controller. Without it the server boots (but without disks not much happens). I've reset the RAID controller to defaults but that didn't happen. Finally took it home for repairs.

So, in short: went there to fix webserver3, came home with a broken webserver4.

If the RAID controller is really broken I'm looking at a €529 replacement. Plus probably a re-install of the server.

[CSF] Thomas H.V. Dupont
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Message boards : Number crunching : BOINCstats Webserver broken