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Message 38277 - Posted: 3 Oct 2014 | 11:59:06 UTC

Hello all!

I got this problem with my hardware generating more heat that what i need to heat my appartement during warm winter.

To manage this, a friend created a small program that pause BOINC when the room temp reach 27C.

I use a usb temp sensor (TEMPer, cheap 10$ ebay.) and a little program called ThermoHID to read temp and trigger a program that pause BOINC

Here are the instructions if some of you need this.


1) Download 'BOINCPause' and place somewhere on your Hard Drive - e.g. in the same folder as ThermoHID
2) In ThermoHID set the following:-
a) Set the Upper Alarm value to your choice (for example 27 deg C)
b) Ensure 'Single Shot' is un-ticked
c) Ensure 'Latched' is un-ticked
d) Ensure 'Alarm Trigger Action' 'Run Prog' is ticked
e) Go to Options->Settings Advanced tab and select 'BOINCPause' in the 'Program to run' box
f) In the 'Parameters' box to the right side type [RefreshLimit]
3) In BOINC, go to Local Preferences and click on the 'Exclusive Applications' and add 'BOINCPause' to the list.

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Message boards : Number crunching : BOINC Room Temp Control