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Message boards : Number crunching : All QC fail and .conda folder permission

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Message 51512 - Posted: 17 Feb 2019 | 9:21:05 UTC


All QC faill on my laptop

process exited with code 195 (0xc3, -61)</message>
21:58:40 (10209): wrapper (7.7.26016): starting
21:58:40 (10209): wrapper (7.7.26016): starting
21:58:40 (10209): wrapper: running /usr/bin/flock (/backups/boinc/projects/ -c "/bin/bash ./ -b -u -p /backups/boinc/projects/ &&
/backups/boinc/projects/ install -m -y -p qmml3 --override-channels -c defaults -c gpugrid --file requirements.txt ")
Python 3.6.5 :: Anaconda, Inc.

NotWritableError: The current user does not have write permissions to a required path.
path: /home/nykay/.conda/pkgs/urls.txt
uid: 1000
gid: 1001

If you feel that permissions on this path are set incorrectly, you can manually
change them by executing

$ sudo chown 1000:1001 /home/nykay/.conda/pkgs/urls.txt

In general, it's not advisable to use 'sudo conda'.

21:58:51 (10209): /usr/bin/flock exited; CPU time 8.920000
21:58:51 (10209): app exit status: 0x1
21:58:51 (10209): called boinc_finish(195)


BOINC Dir was moved to a large partition (/backups/boinc)
BOINC is running under my user (not default boinc user)
Why .conda/pkgs/urls.txt files/dirs try to write on my home and not on boinc data dir instead ??
I don't like this.
So write permission for .conda dir are writable but all Wus still faill

No problems for other host(s) with the same configuration.

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Message boards : Number crunching : All QC fail and .conda folder permission