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Message 57645 - Posted: 25 Oct 2021 | 1:20:45 UTC

I received 450k credit for this task even though I completed it w/in 24 hours on a 1080Ti so it make me look at the work unit.

It had been previously sent to another user and about 13 hours before their deadline it was sent to me. It took them well beyond the bonus credit period, even with a 2060. Since I believe work units give the same credit for each user, I also got the same credit as them.

I don't understand why extra tasks are sent out before the deadline. That conflicts with how BOINC Mgr completes tasks. If there's extra work or priorities change on a PC, then tasks get completed minutes before the deadline (assuming ETAs are correct). Minutes before is one thing, but extra quorum tasks 13 hours is too much.

Ian&Steve C.
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Message 57646 - Posted: 25 Oct 2021 | 3:37:08 UTC - in response to Message 57645.

This is an unfortunate idiosyncrasy in the way GPUGRID awards credit.

GPUGRID actually did not send you the task 13hrs before the deadline of the original user. Note that the field is titled “Time reported OR deadline”. In this instance it refers to “Time reported” not deadline. Deadlines at GPUGRID are 5 days. But you can submit a task past deadline if the resend has not been received yet, which is what happened here.

18 Oct 2021 | 5:39:11 - original task sent (+5 days = 23 Oct 2021 | 5:39:11 deadline)
23 Oct 2021 | 5:39:11 - deadline, new task queued up
23 Oct 2021 | 5:39:56 - resend, sent to you
23 Oct 2021 | 18:41:09 - original task returned first. Received base credit 450k
24 Oct 2021 | 3:06:41 - resend task received second, gets the same credit as the first, 450k

So GPUGRID did what it was supposed to do and sent you the resend at the 5 day mark, but the original worker sent the result in first, sticking you with the same credit amount even though you were in under 24hrs. This behavior has been known for quite some time.


Keith Myers
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Message 57647 - Posted: 25 Oct 2021 | 4:19:47 UTC

Had one of these a couple days ago myself. It's an "oh well" situation.

But everything was processed correctly. The original issue task only missed the 5 day deadline by a couple of minutes.

But I still got some credit for processing it correctly, just not as much if I was the only one that got it issued to.

Thankfully this doesn't happen all too often.

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Message 57669 - Posted: 27 Oct 2021 | 5:15:07 UTC
Last modified: 27 Oct 2021 | 5:25:34 UTC

I seemed to have such an unfortunate case yesterday:

task downloaded from server: 26 Oct 2021 | 5:10:59 UTC
finished task received back at server: 26 Oct 2021 | 21:58:24 UTC
credit: 450.000 (instead of 675.000)

which is very unfortunate and certainly not fair for the volunteer who completes the task within 16 hours, i.e. well within the 24 hrs bonus period :-(

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